Six Reasons to Double Up on Advertising During a Recession

Instead of looking for ways to save money by cutting back advertising, now is the time to supercharge your results. Recessionary times more than every are great for getting more from business advertising, if you know how. Six reasons to double up on business advertising during a recession:

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Preventing Digital Asset Theft

I put together some electronic guides for my clients, sold them, and now someone is distributing them for free. How do I know who has copies of the PDF, how can I keep them from giving it away? -- Pete Daniels

I've seen a number of industrial manufacturers, technology trainers, and trade associations digitize large training manuals for distribution. Some of these sell for more than $7,000, now in a single digital document. Piracy costs our industry millions a year.

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How do I best market X?

Just ask the question, "How do I best market X?" on any forum or of any so-called expert, and you'll get a hundred and one answers. But what exactly is the right answer ...

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Positioning A Expensive Quality Solution

Why is quality deemed as expensive? -- Emmanuel

Very often quality is deemed expensive because it's value hasn't been properly presented. While some buyers will always choose quality, everyone else chooses on price if not given any other criteria for purchasing. Here's why ...

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Are You Making These Same Publicity Mistakes

Nothing is worse than joining a membership program to find out that what they call "content" is nothing more than product pitches. After all, you are trying to tune your skills, even paying to be a part of a members program.

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Most Used Media and On-line Marketing

So what area of media and online marketing are you most involved with? Ask? Is that Ask the search co, i.e. Ask, Google, XML feed syndication? -- Scott Knox

The short answer is "The media that reaches buyers." That's not meant to be a trick answer, truly the media online marketing I use is tested to work for my company and clients, but that's not all. If you want results ...

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Nick Brien Talks Sense to Advertising Agencies

I was surprised to see this from AdAge, but truth is truth. My long time readers of Business Business Relationships understand this and you should too ...

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