Your logo has no selling power

Before your company changes its logo, read this very important message! On a live chat for Inside Strategic Relations subscribers, a reader asks:

If one's company is changing Logo, doesn't that affect level of sales? And, how can one overcome this handle? -- Unknown (via Chat)

Look I treat these questions very seriously because every question I get comes from a real sales person with real concerns. Unfortunately when you worry about minor things, you get minor results. This reader has fallen prey to a misconception called "Brand."

Changing your logo will NOT reduce your sales, however, worrying about any nominal affect your logo might have will. Selling is as much in your head as it is in your heart, or in front of a prospective customer. Use of your logo in a marketing campaign can suppress response, because it shows you're more concerned about you than the reader.

Here's why changing your logo doesn't matter.

  1. Your customers aren't doing business with your logo,
  2. They don't care about your logo as much as they care about themselves,
  3. If you're not some big dumb company, most of your customers couldn't recognize your logo if it was stamped on their forehead.

I know, I know, it's your logo and maybe I hurt your feelings. It's not your fault. I'm sure it's a pretty logo and everyone in management has spent weeks picking one out. Maybe you had one of those expensive Madison Avenue agencies help you design it. But your customers really don't care about your logo.

They may wonder "Why" you are changing your logo, that's why you're going to put together a good story. Customers like good stories, so give them a compelling reason for why the change helps them. You may also want to get their involvement in changing your logo -- let them choose the logo best for you.

Overall, use this as one more reason to connect with prospective buyers, and re-approach those who have walked away. It's more important to connect with customers than it is to worry about any nominal influence a logo has over your level of sales volume.

Let's have a heart-to-heart, your logo doesn't matter as much as you, and if you think it does, then that thinking will reduce sales. On the other hand, if you get out there an keep connecting, qualifying, and following up -- your customers will come to appreciate who you are. Soon they will forget all about your logo change (if they ever noticed in the first place.)

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