Do Special Reports Still Work

Many less informed marketers say special reports are over-done and most of the time lacking value, especially in lead generation. Do special reports as part of lead generation still work?

Ask twenty marketers if something works and you'll likely get hundred different answers. It's true that most special reports don't offer anything, they are poorly written and provide no value.

It is also true that "special reports" are often overrated, given away like candy, and present very few reasons for bothering to read them. Yet, it's also true that most Americans haven't read a book since High School, even worse are sadly under trained in their field.

You may pick up a special report on doing something in your industry, find it a bore, and assume everyone else will. But, What about that guy just getting started? It may be basic to you, while completely transforming the way someone else faces your industry.

I'm finding reports work in B2B, I've even written a primer for my clients about it called "Proven One-Two Punch to Knock-Out B2B Lead Generation and Sales Goals for Business Service Firms." It shows you a number of ways to improve lead generation, including using special reports. To get your copy write, B2B 2STEP MARKETING, DEPT AU8-C1203A, PMB 6618, 2711 Centerville Rd., Ste 120, Wilmington, DE 19808.

Reports work best when they are presented as a resource to the right audience, often sold right along side the "complementary copy for qualified {TARGET_AUDIENCE}" ... then provide a report with getting started information.

I will agree that most prospects never read the reports, I even wrote a 127 page book manuscript to give as a premium. Hundreds signed up, only two downloaded the report, but they responded to the auto responder series.

You really ought not care about the ones who won't read the report, instead, focus on the ones who will read and buy what you offer. Your report must provide answers, decision making tools, and resources for the level of reader it is intended.

The value must be there, it must show the reader how to do something of value, and it can't just be a PDF. Use special reports to bribe qualified prospects into raising their hand. Better yet, provide product quality materials that help them identify themselves as buyers.

Instead of calling your next lead generation report a "special report", give it a title, a personality, and share it with your prospect as a gift. Don't give it away, GIFT it to a specific audience who will find it of value. Reports given away, can, and will still work in lead generation if you know how.

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