Are You Making These Same Publicity Mistakes

Nothing is worse than joining a membership program to find out that what they call "content" is nothing more than product pitches. After all, you are trying to tune your skills, even paying to be a part of a members program.

If that's frustrating, then try asking a publicist (who contacts you) to provide a few short exclusive articles that you'll use to help readers get familiar with an author before sharing their upcoming book (or author event, or launch.) After all, content is a better demonstration of the value someone can bring you than their advertisement.

Unfortunately most publicists send weak advertisements disguised as content. Or worse, they don't do anything at all. Are you having the same problem with your marketing or public relations firm?

Unfortunately this is what a lot of marketing and public relations firms do to their clients. They will place you with anyone who will listen, rather than putting you in front of live buying audience.

That's why I readily abuse publicists who contact my organization with materials for you, my reader. It is my duty as a publisher to provide you only quality materials that help you solve problems in your selling career.

My job isn't to promote books, or to make other people famous. If anyone is going to get famous around here it ought to be my clients. That's why I'm so strict with the content I accept.

You should expect the same thing with your media outreach. Always provide unique value to each outlet. This provides a following for you, since you are providing something different on each call, your audience will gain from being a part of everything you do.

Unfortunately some marketing and public relations firms believe in a broadcast approach, not because it works, but because they are lazy. Yes, broadcast a press release, but follow up specific to each media opportunity. This gets you booked, and helps build a following.

Think about the frustration you have when you expect value but get advertisements. Think about the disdain you feel towards an author or expert who has a boring message, without considering your needs. Avoid these mistakes by connecting with individual readers, providing unique value in every interaction.

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