Why Customer Desires Are Important

If you don't understand what a customer really wants, how do you expect to serve them?  I see so many clients think they understand what customers want to buy.  They don't really, and how do I know this ...

If you're talking about your products or services rather than the problems you solve for customers then you aren't clear about customer desires.  Knowing about customer desires is important because:

  • Customers buy what they want, (not need),
  • Serving the interest of buyers is less expensive,
  • You can tailor products to fit specific wants,
  • It focuses you on what customers will purchase,

That last  point is critical.  Remember, as a sales or marketing manager, you are responsible for generating revenue first and selling your existing products second.  When you truly understand customer desires, you'll be able to create products they want to buy.

Are you making the same mistake and putting products first?  Are you not doing the background research necessary to understand customer desires?  If you've answered "Yes" to either of those questions, then get the help you need and stay tuned for more answers.

Posted by Justin Hitt at March 23, 2006 4:21 PM  Subscribe in a reader

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