When To Handle Objections

“Should I handle the objections during the time of the sales presentation OR ask for another appointment to answer the objections?” — Harriet Mpora

When possible, handle common objections prior to your presentation in pre-sales materials, then again address in your presentation, and right before your close. Always seek to address objections before your prospect asks them — but almost never in another appointment.

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Retaining Your Profitable Customers

“How can a company retain its profitable customers” — Jasper

You are asking yourself a very important question for the growth of your sales, for the strength of your business. Retaining more of your profitable customers is more powerful than keeping just any customer. Here’s how to get started:

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Handling Sales Objections Easily

“What are some of the challenges or common objections faced by the sales person and what are the expectations from buyer?” — Azlan

In a recent blog post I cover 6 common sales objections business-to-business sales people face almost daily. What you’re really asking is “How do I overcome sales objections, meet the expectations of buyers, and get the sale?

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How to Get Organic Traffic Quickly

My company recently launched a business blog. It’s getting traffic from social bookmark sites, but I want more traffic from Google and Yahoo!. Any ideas?

Most people will recommend labor intensive message board posts with signature, exchanging links with other websites, and more marketing with social networking sites. That might work for someone promoting a consumer product, however, for technology marketers very few sites our available with our buyers.

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